Projects Outside Canada

- Students dormitory and instructors apartments, Razi University, 3,500 m2
- 104-unit residential complex, 12,500 m2 in 4 storeys
- 1000-unit residential complex, 75,000 m2 in 4 storeys
- Residential & industrial complex, Sungun Copper Mine, including a guesthouse, 5,200 m2 in 5 storeys

Mid-/High-Rise Buildings
- 24-storey residential towers, 16,000 m2, steel ductile moment frames + reinforced concrete coupled shear walls, box foundation at two basement floors
- 14-storey parking and cultural centre, 34,000 m2, steel ductile moment frames + reinforced concrete coupled shear walls
- 10-storey office buildings, Iran National Factory, 18,000 m2, reinforced concrete ductile moment frames + shear walls

Health Care
- Bu Ali 600-Bed Hospital, 72,000 m2 in 5 storeys
- Evaz 100-Bed Hospital, 10,000 m2 in 4 storeys

- Faculty of Agriculture, Razi University, 10,000 m2 in 3 storeys
- Faculty of Natural Resources, Mazandaran University, 9,000 m2 in 3 storeys

- Industrial Slaughter House, 6,000 m2 in 1 level with heavy dynamic loads
- Iran Potk Factory, machinery foundations
- 5,000 m3/h water treatment, Mobarake Steel Complex
- 3 Power plant buildings, 8,000 m2 in 3 storeys each, with heavy dynamic loads

- Tehran Municipality, in 6 storeys, steel simple frames + bracings, renovated from a residential 3-storey reinforced concrete building
- Tehran Grand Mosalla (Friday praying complex of Tehran), west wing, 80,000 m2 in 2 storeys each 7.5 m high with 10 to 20 m spans, reinforced concrete waffle slabs and ductile moment frames
- Sports centre & swimming pool, I.R. Iran Airways, 3,000 m2 in one level, reinforced concrete moment frames with 24 m spans
- Bridge of Poonak, 14 m-span traffic bridge, pre fabricated reinforced concrete beams and in-situ one-way slabs

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