Featured Projects, Canada

Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project

- Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion Project (VCCEP), 135,000 m2 in 6 storeys, steel horizontal members with spans up to 70 m using customized WWF2500 beams
- Strathcona Dam Bridge, Campbell River, 57 m-span access bridge to the intake tower, accommodating the large seismic movements of the base isolated tower
- Erco Hydrogen Recovery Project, North Vancouver, compressor building, cold well and pipe racks (towers/bents supported by piles with very limited lateral displacements)
- Ambatovy Port, Tomasina, Madagascar, off-shore material handling line and control buildings, complete with footings and piles
- Wal*Mart, London, 6,500 m2 in one level, steel roof
- Home Depot, Edmonton, complete structural design
- Silver Star Shopping Centre, Vernon, 4,500 m2 in 3 storeys, design of steel floor frames
- Woodwards Redevelopment, Vancouver, 42 storeys, reinforced concrete slabs
- Long Harbour Processing Plant, Newfoundland, modulated utility racks
- Pebble Gold Mine, Alaska, prefeasibility study
- Highland Valley Copper, British Columbia, design of flotation and pebble crusher new buildings
- Cerro Verde Production Unit, Expansion Project (CV PUE), design/check of various buildings including tertiary crushing building, regrinding, and flotation area
- North West Redwater Refinery, Edmonton, Alberta, design/check of third generation (3G) modulated structures

Seismic analysis and design of mid-/high-rise buildings including
- Brentwood Residential, Burnaby, 33 storeys
- Pinetree Way, Coquitlam, 36 storeys
- Vantis, Aliso Viejo, California, 8 storeys
- Coco on Spruce, Vancouver, 14 storeys
- One Madison Avenue (OMA2) Tower #2
- Symphony Place, Vancouver, 32 storeys
- Westgate Park Phase III, Calgary, 32,000 m2 in 34 storeys
- 108th Avenue, Surrey, 27 storeys
- Symphony Place Dolce, Vancouver, 19,000 m2 in 38 storeys
- 365 Waterfront Crescent, Victoria, 22,000 m2 in 8 storeys
- Olympic Village Sub Area 2A Parcel 6, Vancouver, 29,000 m2 in 14 storeys
- 6351 Minoru Boulevard, Richmond, 18 storeys
- Xenex on 12th Residential Tower, Calgary, 23,700 m2 in 23 storeys

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